Thursday, January 27, 2005

know what i hate?

this might be a really controversial thing to say...
but i hate haikus. do you even pluralize haiku as haikus?

no matter. they all jesusy.

Vader Baby, Vader

Have any of you heard of this dude in Seattle who is camping out in front of his local movie theatre in order to be first in line for the new Star Wars movie which gets released IN MAY.

And yes, he has a blog.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I've become a flasher!

A huge thanks to sketchbomb's new boyfriend and potential future husband for giving me flash! I don't think i'll be able to do any work for the rest of the week as i will need the time to catch up on EVERY game, website, ect. the rest of you have posted since this blog's creation. Mother i come....

What's Next for PD?

So most of you know of my relationship with Paige Davis, who is currently enduring JOB LOSS. Since we're losing a paypod member soon, maybe she can come and fill in the gap. Think how she'd enhance our windowless, NOISY box.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

two hearts beating as one.

we all knew that christian slater (oh, lord, remeber him?) was just trying to be like jack nicholson when he was younger....but now he's actually playing a part that nicholson made famous in 1975...a role that should not be tampered with, as far as i'm concerned. and that's why i tried to knife him.

the scandanavians get it...why don't we??

norweigens have a funny accent. but they operate on a higher level.

Friday, January 21, 2005

In Case of Emergency...

In honor of the overdue dismissal of certain manegerial elements of our organization, here are some computer-related resources for those times when you're feeling intense Motherlode withdrawal:

Resourse 1
Resource 2

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ratfoot Update

Okay, I had two vermin incidents this weekend. First, Javier and I were on our way back from somewhere and I saw a dead mouse, kinda bloodied and laying on its side at the bottom of a tree on our street.

Then, only a day later and at approximately the same place on the street (nearer to Amsterdam, in case you were wondering which part of the block to avoid the next time you come visit--just kidding, no one ever visits!) Javier saw a rat run across the sidewalk towards the buildings. As usual, I failed to see it.

Neither rodent came in contact with our persons.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sickie Sickie Sickie

So sick. I hate colds. The pinkeye has healed, but my head feels like its full of cotton. Or asbestos.

Miss you guys...

I probably won't be in tomorrow (Wednesday)...

Make it better...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Those Pearly Whites

Some of you may be interested to know that the teeth dreams continue to spread. Last night, Javert woke me up at 5 am to tell me he'd had a nightmare that his canine teeth had fallen out. So I looked it up and now I'm sorry I did. Besides SB and NG, has anyone else has had creepy teeth dreams lately?

A Penchant for Anti-Hierarchical Street Art

I thought Ilyushka and Zeke would be especially interested in checking this out. The rest of you might like it too.

Graffiti Archaeology

[flash required. sorry, NG]

NYC kids make me wanna get my tubes tied

So, last night Mir and Smitty were over, reading aloud from two issues of New York magazine. Smitty was reading this article about NYC kids and the allowance they get, and Mir was reading aloud from the personals. This is an actual personal ad from last week's issue:

"Busty, Brainy Beauty In Westchester/CT. Loving lady with great cleavage, good ankles, high intellect, Christian - seeks sane, smart, successful man, 55-65, for commitment. Please enjoy classical music, old European values, home cooking, gardens, animals, mountains, salt water."

I mean, doesn't that remind you of that scene from Annie Hall where they're standing in line at the movie theatre, and Alvie's getting really annoyed at the guy behind him and says that he's probably on a first date, and that the woman he's with responded to a personal ad that said "...must enjoy James Joyce and sodomy." Good ankles???

Anyway, more than the ads, the article about allowance just made me want to die. Or have my tubes tied. I actually fell off the bed. What exactly is NY magazine trying to do? First, the article about only children growing up in the city, and now this. Is there some sort of population control problem that they're trying to nip in the bud??

Heil Harry

If you check out CNN's website today, you will find that their daily online poll (pertinent as always) asks the question, "Do you find Prince Harry's wearing of a Nazi uniform offensive?"

At this point, it's about 70%-30% in favor of being offended. (link via Gawker)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

G.O.G.A. Pt. 2

Okay, Sketchbomb, Miggy and I sat down to watch episode 2 of the L-Word last night, and I admit that it was an improvement over the pilot. The straight couple are still really irritating, and there was some hardcore melodramatic dialogue, but it's becoming more enthralling.

Shane's stalker character is pretty amusing and while the scene where they all go to the country club to figure out whether the sous-chef is a lesbian is kind of over the top, it was funny.

I don't think I'm really hooked yet, but I accept that it's an enthralling show.

people are robots

i feel partially responsible for the IM craze, so here is a link to start everyone on the right track to rotting their brains with new lingo and somehow trying to be "more efficient" while completely wasting time IM-ing. so, here's the most obnoxious thing i could find regarding the new jag we're on:


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

6c once again officially home to pay-pod-ite

in case someone out there didn't already girl is moving in with my roomies and me, taking pesach's old room and therefore making 6C the home away from home for pay pod members, real, honorary and otherwise once more!!!
we are all VERY excited to get rid of our sketchy bad vibe roomie, who i would call sketchbomb, but that name's already, we'll just call her corporate weirdo (CW), who, btw, brought home YET another dude last night, even though her boyf is coming home from guatamala TOMORROW after deserting the peace corps to come back to the states and move in with her.
and maybe get married.
wonder if he knows there was another dude on his side of the bed last night......
the point of this story is that we should have a paypod housewarming dinner event up a 6C in honor of getting rid of CW and more importantly for new girl finally finding a place to live, and pay pod reclaiming control of 6C!

Monday, January 10, 2005


There's a certain television show that Sketchbomb (and Smitty for that matter) have been dying for me to watch since it premiered on Showtime...I dunno...a year ago? In fact, SB was so excited to hear that I had finally seen the pilot episode (on the DVD that she semi-coercively loaned me on Friday) that she fell out of her chair and into a paper lunch sack.

The show in question is The L-Word, and like any soap opera, it's probably not fair to make any judgements based only on the first episode - a soap opera draws you into the world of personalities and relationships that evolve over time. So this is just some initial feelings about he first episode:

It's probably the most commonplace question about this show, but to start off with, you have to wonder why all the lesbians on this show look like this and none of them look like this or this or this. Actually, you don't really have to wonder why - even if Showtime wants to push values-America's envelope with a(nother) show about queer people, it's not like cable's ready for Leslie Feinberg or anything. So the lesbians in this show are rich, young and typically beautiful. Anyway, this topic might be old news at this point, so moving on...

The pilot episode covers a bunch of the bases I'd expected it to - a mixed bag. You've got a lesbian couple trying to have a baby, queer folks dealing with squeamish straights, a straight person beginning to question their sexuality, and the trope of the lesbian socio-sexual web. The basics, I guess.

Jennifer Beals' art-maven is seems pretty one dimensional, and her stay-at-home partner is a little too reminiscent of the lesbian mom-to-be on Queer as Folk. You meet the seductively intellectual cafe owner and the bubbly semi-vacant fashion writer (played by Leisha Hailey - as a moderate fan of the Murmurs, I was a little sad about that) and the punky artist heartthrob. It seemed pretty clear to me that character development took the backseat in the pilot in order to pack in as many steamy scenes as possible. The threesome scene was saved from unforgiveable soft-core gratuitousness only by it's awkward conclusion.

The only other thing I have to say is that I think it might have been possible to create a straigt male character who was a little less clueless than Mr. Swim Coach. It's sort of irritating that him and all of his friends are painted into the classic boring suburban stereotype. At least Queer as Folk has Debbie.

Admittedly, future episodes may very well draw out the complexities of the characters. And if you're just looking for an engaging soap (or hot femmes touching eachother), complex character development may or may not matter all that much.

I'm sort of afraid that I'm going to catch a lot of flak for making so many critical remarks, so I'll just reassure SB that I'm going to watch the rest of the episodes on that disc and report back. SB asked me to grade the episode on a scale of 1-10. I'm going to be difficult and give it three grades:

As a soap opera: 8
As well-writted drama: 6
As a statment on queerdom: 3

Scary awakenings...

So, I think most (if not all) of you saw the INCREDIBLE stained glass window that Smitty made me for my birthday. It's got a red hamsa with a yellow-ish circle in the middle, and the hamsa is surrounded by blue, green and purple glass-- it's really beautiful. We hung it on the window directly facing the bed on Saturday, and on Sunday morning I woke up (almost blind without my contacts) and all I could see in the window was a dark blurry square surrounding a yellow circle of light. In my half-asleepness, I thought that someone had somehow placed a traffic light on my fire escape. So of course I sat straight up and screamed, and by doing this actually got close enough to realize what it actually was.

Yes, this really is how high-strung I am.

Do's and Don'ts of the apartment-warming party:

DO serve cheetos. Emil really loosens up when provided with cheetos.
DON'T ask Michal what's wrong on the way out. She may corner you and explain that she's not yet over your "break-up" and say that she feels awkward around your friends and is actually mad at YOU.
DON'T smoke before the head of HR arrives with her two year old.
DO order pizza. That pizza was so good.
DON'T worry about not having any furniture. Apparently, the bed is even bigger than you thought and EVERYONE you know can fit on it at once.
DON'T worry about whether this means that you don't know that many people.
DO eat as many cupcakes as you can fit into your mouth at once. Thanks Mir.
DON'T be surprised when head of HR asks if there are drugs in them.
DON'T be surprised the next day when you see how many photos there are of you eating the cupcakes. And doing inappropriate things to the champagne bottle.
DON'T think that because the party ended fairly early it's a good idea to stay up until 3:30am and then not get out of bed until 2pm on Saturday.

Performance Anxiety

I'm disappointed.

It's been about a week after the Pod Blog was revived and already there's a near complete drop-off of posting activity. Was it my fault? Should I not have posted the link to Motherlode? Is that what stole everybody away?

Of course, now that I'm on here, I don't really know what to post myself, other than a different version of Arknoid.

Didn't Sketchbomb have some big tirade to post the other day? Or how about a rundown of the good stories from her apartment-warming party? I know there were some of those.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Pretty Things

Check out this snowflake maker. Create a snowflake in still mode, then switch to 3D rotate. Pretty great.


Dear Emil,
This was on bbc.

goodbye, legs mcgee

in college i had a sketchy SKETCHY housemate named sung, we let him live with us in a desperate move to fill the first floor bedroom b/c a certain someone had just broken up with her boyfriend who had, until then been living there. anyhoo. it was a nightmare in ever so many ways, but the episode that nearly undid me, and later, my other, sane and delightful housemates was this:

we had a little mouse living with us. no harm was being done, really, it was just kind of gross. but, we were in college, and we were gross, and we had 3 weeks left til graduation and no one wanted to deal with it in the midst of finals, honors theses, and bringing someone new home every night to make up for the time you lost in the previous 3 and a half years actually studying and being shy. also, we were all (save sung) vegetarians, and sort of wanted to pretend that the little mouse, heretofore referred to as legs mcgee, as we began calling him, was really a free-roaming, though "shy" pet.

sung did not agree.

7.45 am. in a fog of sleepiness and hangover, i drag myself out of bed and downstairs to eat some toast and yogurt before my 8.15am aerobics class. out of the corner of my eye i notice that something's been left on the kitchen table, but i don't really think anything of it. mostly b/c i'm in a hurry and also the lights are off.

9.25 am. i return home where everyone is still sleeping. i go to the kitchen to eat some more. this time, turning on the light.

and then the screaming.

oh, the screaming.

my housemates from upstairs, come running down to see what could be the cause of all this racket.

then more screaming.

this time, me, with accompaniment.

with the lights on it's clear that our fourth housemate was cruel.
with the lights on, we scream in horror of finding legs mcgee, neck broken, eyes bulging--still open and glaring at each one of us accusingly--still caught in a mousetrap. set on the kitchen table with a yellow post-it note above him declaring:


(poor legs mcgee

we managed, finally, after a few kind words, and prayers to the big legs mcgee in the sky, to scrape him off the table and into the garbage. nobody ate in the kitchen after that.
nobody said a word to sung for the next three weeks, and he was actually not allowed to graduate for changing all of the desktop wallpapers in the psychology computer lab to snuff porn.


I just spoke to my mom, who told me what happened to her this morning. She was at her office, in the kitchen making coffee, and saw what she thought was a tool from the toolkit on the floor. She reached down and picked it up, realizing too late that it was in fact a mouse trap with a dead mouse hanging off of it. She was alone in the building, she says she screamed for five minutes and then locked herself in her personal office where she discovered mouse poop all over her desk. They say these things happen in threes, so I wonder what rodents my dad will encounter today.

A Brush with Destiny, or How the PodBlog Already Saved My Life

Yesterday I left the office after a rousing 2 hour game of Motherlode, walking to the 1/9 via 28th Street. I was on 28th between 6th and 7th, aka the plant-store block, as the store owners were taking in the plants for the night. I'd just had some excitement on 5th and 27th, as that block was totally filled with police vehicles due to this situation. It was about 5:30 and it was raining slightly.
I felt like something was walking next to me, so I looked around for the cat who lives in one of the plant stores. This summer, the cat's entire body (except for its head and paws) was shaved, and I wanted to see if the hair had grown back properly and if it was still as cute as it was last spring. But sadly, I couldn't find the cat.
My suspicion was right, however, as I did feel something brush against my left foot. It felt just like a cat. Unfortunately, as you may all have guessed, it was not a cuddly feline, it was A HUGE RAT THAT WAS TOUCHING MY FOOT.
About 8 inches long with a similarly long tail, the rat had grayish brown fur. After colliding with my foot it ran off into the street. I didn't scream or jump or do any of the typical "girl" responses. Instead, I almost passed out. I thought about amputation, but ruled it out as the rat hadn't actually touched my skin. I'd have to burn my clothes though, and do something terrible to my favorite shoes. All this made me want to die. But I comforted myself knowing that I could write about it today on the PodBlog and that made me feel a lot better.
Jeremy called me Rat Foot all night yesterday. I probably shouldn't have posted that tidbit here.

Office Humor

From a recent post on
I've just started a new job. It's been a very long time since I worked in an office, so I wanted to make an impression. I lined my cube with Successories® desk accessories and posters, making sure to choose from the "most popular themes" section of their online store. (I picked up ENDURANCE, COMMITMENT, PASSIVE-AGGRESSION, KNOWING WHEN TO KEEP YOUR FAT MOUTH SHUT, FARMING IT OUT TO INDIA, SUBTLE CONDESCENSION, SOBBING IN THE COMPANY WASHROOM and their #1 best-seller, COCAINE.)
I suggest reading the whole thing.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

my life!

Roger Schank
Psychologist and computer scientist; author, "Designing World-Class E-Learning"

"Irrational choices.
I do not believe that people are capable of rational thought when it comes to making decisions in their own lives. People believe they are behaving rationally and have thought things out, of course, but when major decisions are made - who to marry, where to live, what career to pursue, what college to attend, people's minds simply cannot cope with the complexity. When they try to rationally analyze potential options, their unconscious, emotional thoughts take over and make the choice for them."

aaah at least my frantic, dramatically stressful life is justified by science. i hope mr. shank here is speaking with his psychologist hat on...i don't think i could take it if the essence of my life and inability to make decisions comes from a computer scientist!

Vomit, and wife-beaters

I don't think any of you have gotten into the Amazing Race like I have (which is understandable, as my inclination towards obsession far outweighs any of yours), but let me tell you: it is the ONLY reality show on TV worth watching. At first I was sort of disappointed by the producers' choice of contestants this season (how many "dating/engaged models" do we need, people?), especially because last season had the highly irritating yet entertaining team of Myrna and Charla. I also can't forget the BEST team ever from the first season: Joe and Bill. They were a scheming married couple who NAMED THEIR TEAM "Team Guido" after their pet chihuahua. They actually had shirts (and shorts maybe?) printed with their team logo.
Anyway. You really have to check this show out. Last night they were in Budapest and one member from each team had to drink a ginormous bowl of spicy soup. It didn't seem so bad until one of them started vomiting, which set the rest of them off. Do you know what kind of dedication it takes for me to continue watching a show when all the people on the screen are vomiting?? I think you do. And this was A LOT of vomit. Seriously. Freddy (one of the engaged models, of course) actually vomited into his bowl and had to go on eating the soup in order to stay in the game. I felt for him, I really did. You know I did. I also felt for his girlfriend, who just sort of stood there weeping, saying, "I'm so sorry baby, I'm so sorry you have to do this. No you didn't throw up in the bowl. Oh god, you did, I'm so sorry you have to do this." This segment took up a goodly part of the show, and I just rode it out.
The other draw this season is the couple of "married entrepreneurs" Jonathan and Victoria. This guy is so verbally abusive to his wife that it can get pretty uncomfortable to watch. A couple he weeks ago, he got so pissed off that they came in at second place (by THIRTY SECONDS) that he actually shoved her hard enough for her to drop her pack. So, last night, as she's eating the soup (and vomiting) he's screaming at her "You're gonna make us lose! Stop being so melodramatic!" He later explains this as trying to encourage her.
You gotta watch this shit.


Emil brought this BBC article to my attention and I thought it deserved general posting as it's, well, relevant:
"A new term has emerged as a result. According to, to be 'dooced' means "losing your job for something you wrote in your online blog, journal, website, etc."
Also, it's funny how they fail to mention the origin of the term "dooced".

Irresponsible Diversions

Remember how back in the day we discovered Gold Strike, and then some of us (or at least Sketchbomb) became obsessed with Defend Your Castle?

Well I've found the newest generation of long-term time wasting devices on the internet. In fact, I feel sort of bad about even linking to it...but it's too good to ignore, so check out Motherlode.

You're a little mining ship (called a pod!) that has to dig up minerals in order to buy better mining equipment (sort of like being paid in company script, I guess). Be careful not to land too hard or run out of fuel, and you'll have hours prolitarian-hued entertainment.


"From this day forward 'sketchbomb' shall be known as “Senior” Payment Operations Associate. "

Does anyone else want to ponder this change?
I think the "senior" part is due to her lovely geritol smell.

Stuff I Lurve Today

So, Ijust stumbled upon this website, and it's been cracking me up. The drawings are SO funny, but the advice column is AMAZING.

I think I've told some of you about this one too, but check her out.

Making A Go Of It

Will the pod blog survive this time around?