Wednesday, January 12, 2005

G.O.G.A. Pt. 2

Okay, Sketchbomb, Miggy and I sat down to watch episode 2 of the L-Word last night, and I admit that it was an improvement over the pilot. The straight couple are still really irritating, and there was some hardcore melodramatic dialogue, but it's becoming more enthralling.

Shane's stalker character is pretty amusing and while the scene where they all go to the country club to figure out whether the sous-chef is a lesbian is kind of over the top, it was funny.

I don't think I'm really hooked yet, but I accept that it's an enthralling show.


Blogger Stephanie said...

yes! victory is ours! it's only a matter of time now.
should i bring the other dvd in tomorrow? is it possible that you will finish the other two episodes before i get back and be sad that you don't have the next dvd?
shane's stalker charachter is played by tammi lynn michaels, btw.
really, i can't wait for you to see the whole series, but there are several episodes im especially excited about. episode 9 comes to mind, as well as episode 13.
i know. totally obsessed.

January 12, 2005 at 4:57 PM  

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