Thursday, January 06, 2005

goodbye, legs mcgee

in college i had a sketchy SKETCHY housemate named sung, we let him live with us in a desperate move to fill the first floor bedroom b/c a certain someone had just broken up with her boyfriend who had, until then been living there. anyhoo. it was a nightmare in ever so many ways, but the episode that nearly undid me, and later, my other, sane and delightful housemates was this:

we had a little mouse living with us. no harm was being done, really, it was just kind of gross. but, we were in college, and we were gross, and we had 3 weeks left til graduation and no one wanted to deal with it in the midst of finals, honors theses, and bringing someone new home every night to make up for the time you lost in the previous 3 and a half years actually studying and being shy. also, we were all (save sung) vegetarians, and sort of wanted to pretend that the little mouse, heretofore referred to as legs mcgee, as we began calling him, was really a free-roaming, though "shy" pet.

sung did not agree.

7.45 am. in a fog of sleepiness and hangover, i drag myself out of bed and downstairs to eat some toast and yogurt before my 8.15am aerobics class. out of the corner of my eye i notice that something's been left on the kitchen table, but i don't really think anything of it. mostly b/c i'm in a hurry and also the lights are off.

9.25 am. i return home where everyone is still sleeping. i go to the kitchen to eat some more. this time, turning on the light.

and then the screaming.

oh, the screaming.

my housemates from upstairs, come running down to see what could be the cause of all this racket.

then more screaming.

this time, me, with accompaniment.

with the lights on it's clear that our fourth housemate was cruel.
with the lights on, we scream in horror of finding legs mcgee, neck broken, eyes bulging--still open and glaring at each one of us accusingly--still caught in a mousetrap. set on the kitchen table with a yellow post-it note above him declaring:


(poor legs mcgee

we managed, finally, after a few kind words, and prayers to the big legs mcgee in the sky, to scrape him off the table and into the garbage. nobody ate in the kitchen after that.
nobody said a word to sung for the next three weeks, and he was actually not allowed to graduate for changing all of the desktop wallpapers in the psychology computer lab to snuff porn.


Blogger Pesach said...

Whoa. I knew the Sung mouse story, but I did not know that desktop porn item. I didn't think it was possible for him to be any weirder. But there you go.

On the other hand, I wonder what the administration's line of argument was for not letting him graduate.

January 6, 2005 at 4:49 PM  

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