Thursday, January 13, 2005

NYC kids make me wanna get my tubes tied

So, last night Mir and Smitty were over, reading aloud from two issues of New York magazine. Smitty was reading this article about NYC kids and the allowance they get, and Mir was reading aloud from the personals. This is an actual personal ad from last week's issue:

"Busty, Brainy Beauty In Westchester/CT. Loving lady with great cleavage, good ankles, high intellect, Christian - seeks sane, smart, successful man, 55-65, for commitment. Please enjoy classical music, old European values, home cooking, gardens, animals, mountains, salt water."

I mean, doesn't that remind you of that scene from Annie Hall where they're standing in line at the movie theatre, and Alvie's getting really annoyed at the guy behind him and says that he's probably on a first date, and that the woman he's with responded to a personal ad that said "...must enjoy James Joyce and sodomy." Good ankles???

Anyway, more than the ads, the article about allowance just made me want to die. Or have my tubes tied. I actually fell off the bed. What exactly is NY magazine trying to do? First, the article about only children growing up in the city, and now this. Is there some sort of population control problem that they're trying to nip in the bud??


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