Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Vomit, and wife-beaters

I don't think any of you have gotten into the Amazing Race like I have (which is understandable, as my inclination towards obsession far outweighs any of yours), but let me tell you: it is the ONLY reality show on TV worth watching. At first I was sort of disappointed by the producers' choice of contestants this season (how many "dating/engaged models" do we need, people?), especially because last season had the highly irritating yet entertaining team of Myrna and Charla. I also can't forget the BEST team ever from the first season: Joe and Bill. They were a scheming married couple who NAMED THEIR TEAM "Team Guido" after their pet chihuahua. They actually had shirts (and shorts maybe?) printed with their team logo.
Anyway. You really have to check this show out. Last night they were in Budapest and one member from each team had to drink a ginormous bowl of spicy soup. It didn't seem so bad until one of them started vomiting, which set the rest of them off. Do you know what kind of dedication it takes for me to continue watching a show when all the people on the screen are vomiting?? I think you do. And this was A LOT of vomit. Seriously. Freddy (one of the engaged models, of course) actually vomited into his bowl and had to go on eating the soup in order to stay in the game. I felt for him, I really did. You know I did. I also felt for his girlfriend, who just sort of stood there weeping, saying, "I'm so sorry baby, I'm so sorry you have to do this. No you didn't throw up in the bowl. Oh god, you did, I'm so sorry you have to do this." This segment took up a goodly part of the show, and I just rode it out.
The other draw this season is the couple of "married entrepreneurs" Jonathan and Victoria. This guy is so verbally abusive to his wife that it can get pretty uncomfortable to watch. A couple he weeks ago, he got so pissed off that they came in at second place (by THIRTY SECONDS) that he actually shoved her hard enough for her to drop her pack. So, last night, as she's eating the soup (and vomiting) he's screaming at her "You're gonna make us lose! Stop being so melodramatic!" He later explains this as trying to encourage her.
You gotta watch this shit.


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